Experts IT Sol provide technology equipment, advice and services that are necessary to create new or modify existing IP cameras and video surveillance systems. It‘s a one stop shop for all types of security systems IP cameras. Our specialists will help you choose the best equipment and installation of video surveillance and IP security camera systems to protect your business. If you are a large operational offices, commercial building, shop or small office building, our IP cameras and security systems can help protect the company against internal and external theft. If you are interested in learning more about our company, recommend and install IP cameras, cameras and video surveillance for your business systems.

Our IP Cameras & Security System Services

Experts IT Sol offers complete installation and support of IP cameras, security systems and video cameras. We offer advice to help you choose the IP cameras and video surveillance equipment to meet your needs. If you need one or two cameras, watching the door or other important equipment or a complete IP cameras for network, security, and equipment monitoring, a large tent or building, we can help. Not only to recommend and provide for your business IP security cameras, but we can also install security and network surveillance systems. Finally, we offer consulting services and if you are interested in the modernization of IP cameras, security system, solve problems, if there are problems with the existing facilities, or other ancillary services that may be required for IP cameras and security systems.

About IP Cameras: Security Video Surveillance Systems

IP cameras And security cameras, which are widely used for surveillance by various companies. IP cameras are digital cameras that send and receive data through computer networks and the Internet. IP cameras for security applications can be one of the two main types. This includes centralized IP cameras, which require video recorder in central network management alarm and video recording and decentralized IP cameras, which offer security without the use of a central network video recorder. Decentralized IP cameras have a built-in recording and you can record directly to digital storage units as media flash, hard drive or network storage. IP cameras are easy to install and it can be connected to your network using a standard network cable. IP security camera channel can be easily seen with a web browser. IP security camera systems can be used indoors and outdoors. By transmission of information IP cameras through the Web, as they are only as secure as your computer. If you have any doubts or questions about corporate network security, please request a security audit free network or to learn more about our computer network security services.

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To find out more about our services installation IP cameras and video surveillance systems, contact Us. Our specialists can help you design and set up a perfect system for safety and supervision to meet the needs of a company in particular.