VOIP Services and Support

Experts IT Sol offers VOIP , or voice over Internet Protocol services to customers. Experts IT Sol provides solutions that support the operation of the communication, regardless of the location or the infrastructure of the company. We can help your business communication tools in the most simple, cost-effective. Using their existing data connections, we enable our customers to forward all communications in the network. Many companies are using VOIP services instead of traditional phone systems, because it offers significant cost savings and enables companies to take advantage of the many special features. Because there are a lot of different features that can be included in the bandwidth, VOIP services, companies must take into account your individual needs before determining that the VOIP service is best for them.

Experts IT Sol offers VOIP technology consulting to help companies select unified communications that match your needs. We also offer support for new and existing VOIP clients, such as installation, monitoring and maintenance. The strength of our cooperation we helps customers stay ahead of the curve. To learn more about our services and telephony best for your business, you should contact IP to determine.

Our Services

At Experts IT Sol, we offer consultation, installation, and support services for businesses that are switching to new VOIP phone systems or are using existing VOIP systems.

With our VOIP services, we can offer quick and effective help when:

You have exceeded your VOIP call capacity You need to increase your VOIP services to handle an increased call capacity Your office is moving locations and you need to relocate an existing VOIP network You are opening a new office and want to install a VOIP network Your existing phone system is becoming technically obsolete You need additional VOIP functionality

IP Telephony Consulting

With our consulting services the carrier service providers can connect VOIP companies well to meet your needs. If you are interested in signing up for VOIP service, but I do not know exactly which services meet the needs of companies, we can help. Our VOIP consulting services will help you to review and determine the specific requirements of VOIP service. Therefore, with the help of technology, diagonal, you can easily determine and purchase the VOIP solution for your business needs.

IP Telephony Setup & Installation

In addition to helping companies find the best IP telephony service provider and specify the VOIP service that is suitable for your needs, we can also sell VOIP systems directly to companies offering VOIP installation services. We have created new systems of VOIP phone for business and companies based in the country. If you are moving to a new office, or if you want to buy and set up a new system of VOIP phone for your office, please contact us to learn more about the plan of installation of VOIP systems. VOIP phone system installation services can install or configure your VOIP system from any operator.

IP Telephony Phone System Support

As a leader with experience working with VOIP telephone systems, we also offer services for companies that have existing VOIP systems. Our IP telephony support covers everything you need to set up or proper to maintain the service virtualization. If you have 10 or 1000 employees, can install, troubleshooting and monitoring of VOIP network to ensure optimum service and correct problems occurring. We also support online where we can remotely log us into a VOIP system to find and solve problems and ensure a high quality of work your business phone system.

Benefits of using VOIP for Businesses

For many medium-sized businesses and small businesses phone system is a communication tool of powerful and central activities economic, including links with customers, suppliers and partners. Therefore, it is important to take into account their needs to the telephone system. Many companies consider that the VOIP network is the best choice for traditional telephony. Often using VOIP systems it allows you and your employees to communicate with customers and suppliers, offering significant savings.

Benefits that businesses see when using VOIP systems include:

Significant savings in phone expenses Phone service on the go as you can take your phone home or to another office or have calls forwarded to your cell phone Access to all of the features you expect including voicemail, caller ID, call conferencing, call forwarding, call queuing, and follow-me The ability to make phone calls directly from a computer The option to have voicemails delivered to your inbox for added flexibility and mobility

To learn more about the advantages of using a VOIP system or to find out how our VOIP consultation and support services can help your business, please contact our IT company.