IT Planning & Virtual CIO Services for Businesses

Companies and businesses across the country, you can outsource the service desk to the Experts IT Sol. As a local company we offer a local and live technical support from 7:00 to 18:00 is also available for assistance on the basis of a 24/7/365, if necessary. When the service counter to the Experts IT Sol of outsourcing, we can solve any computer problem or network which can be found. Our support services are generally held on line or by phone and can include the use of remote access tools when necessary. Remote access allows our personal support access from workstations and see what the user sees in order to solve problems. IT Help Desk Services outsourcing to the Experts IT Sol allows you to quickly resolve issues and manage all computers and related problems. We also offer a service for problems that can not be resolved by phone. Our services include care, antivirus, antimalware, inspection actions, patch management, monitoring, network, backup and deployment of software systems. To learn more about our IT Help Desk service or if you are interested in learning how you can outsource Experts IT Sol help desk.

About IT Help Desk Outsourcing

Help desk outsourcing is the process of using an outside company to support and help the company to solve all kinds of problems and the network of computers, which can occur. When the outsourcing of desktop services will usually contact help desk support team by phone, email, or instant messages. Experts IT Sol help you live, local support for businesses in the country. Our services of help desk support for small and medium-sized enterprises obtain expert help desk and technology, services that have large companies. Our services are outsourced help live hours extended for your convenience. When is outsourced technical support of our professionals, our personal live help available by phone. We also need the remote access service to access the workstation of the user and see exactly what the user sees to quickly and efficiently solve problems

Benefits of Outsourcing Help Desk Services

Experts IT Sol is a Lahore base company that offers a variety of IT managed services to businesses and companies throughout the country. We are a complete source for all of our clients’ computer and networking needs. Advantages of working with Experts IT Sol to outsource help desk services include the ability to:

Receive Live and Local Support: Because we are a Lahore Base company, when you outsource help desk services to Experts IT Sol, you will deal with a staff of local IT professionals. Our local help desk services can give you the personalized and professional service you desire.

Reduce or Eliminate Need for In-House IT Professionals: By outsourcing help desk services to an IT company, you can reduce or eliminate the need to hire IT professionals. This is great for small businesses working with tight budgets. Larger companies can outsource help desk services in order to allow their IT departments to focus on more important issues and larger projects.

Benefit from Skilled Professionals and Complete Knowledge: Our help desk allows you direct access to highly trained and skilled IT professionals. Our knowledgeable help desk staff can quickly and efficiently resolve problems and issues. In fact, we find that most problems can be resolved over the phone or with instant messaging.

Utilize Remote Access to Resolve Issues: When issues cannot be resolved by simple, over the phone instructions, our help desk staff can use remote access to a user’s workstation in order to resolve issues. When you outsource help desk services to our staff, you will find that most desktop PC problems and network issues can be resolved as easily as if our consultants were standing right beside you.
To learn more about our IT help desk support services and to learn if your company should outsource help desk services.