IT Disaster Recovery Plan and Offsite Backup Services

Due to the fast pace of everyday life usually does not think about backup procedures or disaster recovery plan for it until it’s too late. However, it is often when it comes to the tragedy, too late to do anything to save important files and data. Therefore, it is important for all companies to use a backup of remote services and develop a data recovery plan, before the critical situation. Experts IT Sol develop a recovery plan disaster for their enterprise data recovery after failure in the server emergency, fire and much more. We also offer remote service periodically important data when the crisis occurs.

IT Disaster Recovery Plan Development

Company disaster recovery plan should include processes and procedures, in order to avoid data loss during emergencies and recover data after an emergency. With proper disaster recovery plan in place, you can avoid the loss of critical data or services for your company, such as invoice processing and payment of payroll through the accounting system. The key to any disaster recovery plan is a backup of all important data to store copies of the data from the remote server and keep backups of data organized in such a way that it can be easily used for recovery, if necessary.

As part of out IT disaster recovery plan development services we offer:

About our Offsite Backup Services

An important part of our disaster recovery plan is our offsite backup service. Our services of backup outside of the site, first run initial backup of all the selected data and store it locally. We can take advantage of this advanced system of digital cataloging that crushes the information in small pieces. The system tracks changes to the small part of the data over time, as new renditions occur and ensure that the duplicate data are not kept. Elimination of duplicate data will help to minimize the costs of storage and bandwidth, as data is transferred outside the company. When you use our services of backup offsite, as part of a disaster recovery plan, data is periodically backed up, encrypted and sent to our secure storage location outside of the site. This information is stored securely, where necessary. All data that we maintain is stored in an orderly fashion, so it is ready for recovery, if necessary. We can begin to restore data as soon as you recover network connectivity. Remote backup services as part of a disaster recovery plan, you can be sure that critical data is always lost in the event of a disaster. To learn more about how our development plan and recovery of remote backup services disaster can help prepare your business to disaster and prevent the loss of data, contact us.