Hosted Exchange Server Provider

Experts IT Sol offers the latest version of hosted Exchange . Because the company relies on e-mail as one of the most important media, you can choose a provider that can offer the most secure infrastructure available. With options such as larger boxes, e-mail, browser compatibility, security, and support for mobile devices hosted Exchange services through diagonal technology can not only save money, but it also help your business streamline processes email as the center of everything you do. Our hosted Exchange servers are available for small and medium-sized enterprises in Lahore and across the country. As a provider of hosted Exchange Server, we offer a full service of accommodation Exchange Server. These services include the migration of new customers of email, contacts, calendars, and other resources to our hosted Exchange Server. In addition, we offer local support and live for those companies who are interested in outsourcing services desk.

What is a Hosted Exchange Server?

Hosted Exchange Server, which enables small and medium-sized innovative companies take advantage of the latest technologies while reducing costs at the same time. When you use Exchange server, services of hosting, the necessary hardware and software required to run and maintain the server it is owned, maintained and updated by a third-party provider of Exchange server host. This can have big benefits savings for any business, small medium, or large. Hosted Exchange server hosting allows you to take advantage of the latest products and equipment without having to spend thousands of dollars buying software, constant monitoring of the availability of data and to ensure that the software updates are installed. In addition to using a hosted Exchange Server provider, you can select and pay only for the server and the services that require.

Advantages of Hosted Exchange Servers

Exchange Server accommodation available hosted services powered by Experts IT Sol are available to businesses in Lahore and across the country. Hosted the leading provider of Exchange to offer fully managed hosted Exchange services. Launch and maintain your Exchange Server so all you need to do is connect to the service. Hosted Exchange servers that uses Experts IT Sol offer the highest levels of performance and reliability that every company wants to carry out activities running smoothly. Contact us today for more information. Our hosted Exchange Server services offer many advantages for companies small, medium and large, including significant savings in comparison with your own server at home. As a provider of hosted Exchange Server our servers provide maximum reliability and performance. The following functions are available with our hosted Exchange servers.