Email, spam filtering and web services, not only help companies in order to ensure the performance of their employees and prevent lost time, but can also help to improve the safety of the computer network, to ensure protection against viruses. Spam e-mails can carry dangerous viruses that can cause damage to your network or hardware. Spam email filtering, spam filtering, email will be deleted before the downloaded to the system or before reaching each Inbox. Web filtering using filters web content, you can monitor the use of the Internet and prevent access to web sites that contain viruses are suspected or dangerous malware.

Our Spam & Email Filtering Services:

E-mail is a valuable form of communication for modern professionals. However, with the growing popularity of email, there has been an increase in spam. Spam messages are a nuisance and it inhibits efficiency and staff productivity. In addition, spam is a serious problem the safety relay spam virus and initialize virus attacks. Experts IT Sol provides filtering of high security and filter service spam email. Filtering spam or program anti-spam front technology bar emails are filtered by five layers of Defense to verify the authenticity of the data. In this way, removed the incoming messages that are flagged as inappropriate, even before receiving the message. E-mails that survive, filtering spam and email then check process must undergo a detailed e-mail analysis of process, which involves a seven additional layers of defense news analysis. Our program and the algorithms used in the process of mail filter are constantly updated to stay ahead of the changing trends in spam.

Our Web Filtering Services: About our Web Content Filter

Web Filtering Services are an important element of the safety of your computer network, which can be used to prevent users unwittingly download or access to the virus when using the Internet. It can also be used to monitor and track the behavior of the use of the Internet for employees and other users on the network in order to ensure compliance with company policy. In addition, the record of the use of the Internet and receive reports about the use of our web service filtering, Internet content filter can also prohibit and block access to certain sites. Our web filtering software can help control Internet usage by all users of the network companies’ small, medium and large sizes. Reports are available on our website filtering service will allow to determine and review the usage of network bandwidth and determine the needs of the company, they can alert the company if people are trying to gain access to potentially harmful or dangerous sites that contain viruses or spyware and can help companies increase productivity by entertainment reveal watch instances and avoiding even the access to certain web sites, a popular pastime.

Benefits of our Web Filtering Services:

While some web content filters can be extremely costly and difficult to manage or implement, our web filtering software is an affordable option for any size business. Benefits of our web filtering services include:

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